Memoirs Of An Abstract Mind 1/26/2014 FreeForm Locks

It’s been a while since I’ve been up here. I first started typing this as a facebook post, and than I realized it had/has more thought to it than to JUST be an Fb post. Please read, Like, Rate, Comment and let me know your thoughts views and ideas and opinions. 

So here it goes:

Thinking and rethinking some of the things I say and have said.
My main thoughts are, the moments when I am retwisting my lox, I’ve said that I was TAMING MY MANE. looking at the dictionary… The word TAME means to be domesticated, to be Broken, or trained.

What Lion or Lioness, King or Queen for that matter, can you truly admit to have been successfully tamed? Any animal for that reason. If you look back into the history of people trying to domesticate “wild animals” there was always a time were they reverted back to their old way of nature. Or True sense of being. 

What REAL King/Queen have you known to be weak enough to be broken, shackled or even overthrown? 

I call my Lox “My Crown” as yes, a sense of Royalty. I am a child of the Most High, King of All Kings/Queens. If I wouldn’t allow anyone else to shackle me, why should/would I allow myself? 

So yet again, here I am rethinking going/entering into the journey of FREEFORMING my lox. 

What’s your take on this topic?

Do you have lox?

and if so, what do you prefer? 

Dear Diary: Memoirs Of An Abstract Mind 9/3/2013

It’s funny the ideas that we have in mind, and then the ideas and realities GOD puts out for us in plain sight. Sometimes we get so wrapped up in the thoughts we feel should be right; not to say they aren’t, But it’s just not what GOD has set for you. 

I had this whole idea of what this whole past 5 days was going to be be about. As i sat and spoke with my Mother in the rising of the day, I heard clear as day YOU CAN’T GAIN SOMETHING THAT WAS ALREADY THERE.

I was hoping to gain this whole new strength, and outlook, so that when I got back I’d be refreshed and renewed, I’d be ready to get a full head on with business. As I just Stated, HOW CAN YOU GAIN SOMETHING YOU ALREADY HAVE? I didn’t realize how far head on I am with it all. “IT ALL” meaning My business, and where I want to take it and myself. 


Yeah, that sounds and feels so much better! 

"Commit thy works unto the LORD, and thy thoughts shall be established."

 -Proverbs 16:3

Sweet Love Lost In The Light Of Humanity: Moment In Thought: Memoirs Of An Abstract Mind 8/27/2013


"do not let your left hand know what your right hand is doing"

-Matthew 6:3

It’s not a matter of living in secret, but the fact of not everyone is out for your progression. Not everyone wants to see you succeed. The devil is always lurking feeding people thoughts, ideas and notions as to what…

افتح فمك فقط إن كان ما ستقوله أجمل من الصمت

Open your mouth only if what you are going to say is more beautiful than silence

Arabic Proverb (via kissing-beehives)

(Source: havesabr, via sebastiankmtco)

Please Help



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Moment In Thought: Memoirs Of An Abstract Mind 8/26/2013

The Only Thing Constant In Life is CHANGE….

Change Change Change…..

Some change we’ve asked for, requested, prayed for and on, and some change we didn’t ask for or want any part of…..

It’s crazy the things we have to conform to, even at times we don’t realize we’re conforming. Have you ever thought about the changes we endure that we don’t even notice? 

Life is A Life Does…

And Life Certainly Does Change. 


Don’t Just Be in your Moments, be sure to give them back the same life energy they give you by simply acknowledging their being. #ILoveYou #Oneness #Connected #Connecting #GiveBack #Love #LIFE #Grounded #Grounding #Peace #Replenishment


Don’t Just Be in your Moments, be sure to give them back the same life energy they give you by simply acknowledging their being. #ILoveYou #Oneness #Connected #Connecting #GiveBack #Love #LIFE #Grounded #Grounding #Peace #Replenishment


Give into the light, it’s only trying to show you the way. #BlessedJourney #ThePath #Vision #Openness #Connected #Faith #FaithWalk


Give into the light, it’s only trying to show you the way. #BlessedJourney #ThePath #Vision #Openness #Connected #Faith #FaithWalk

Dear Diary: Memoirs Of An Abstract Mind 8/26/2013

Other than running a successful business, another great thing that has come out of being here in Michigan, is the few QUALITY PEOPLE that i have come to know and Love. Funny thing about it is that they are all like minded in their Businesses that they have going on. 

I am so very Blessed and Grateful For GOD placing these FEW people in my life. 

Yes, i stress the word FEW, because i am at a point in my life where numbers don’t get me geeked. I’ll take HIGH QUALITY people over HIGH QUANTITY people any day. 

Thank you all for being who you are

Sight Without God

There are a lot of things we don’t see, Not seeing them doesn’t not mean they are not there. We don’t see the future, but we still acknowledge in the minutes passing. We don’t see the air, but all in all you know we need it to Breathe.

The same as GOD, but our not seeing of him is in a different light. GOD is a vessel that we can only see once we look past the physical layout of things that have been pre-set into our minds of “things just being” aka “it is what it is”.

GOD is the Trees, He is the Water, God is The Air, GOD is the light and the path that is Set at your feet that we awake and arise to greet and walk each day that comes and goes. GOD is the Comforting arms in times of need when no one is around and that soothing calming breezing passes us by. GOD is that strong whispering voice when we are feeling discouraged saying to keep pressing forward, that the way has already been made. He is that Giant Tree, that when all of a sudden it starts raining, it appears out of no where to keep us safe and dry. 

I guess what I am saying is, don’t rely so much on your eyes, and the things you THINK you may know. Because there is always more to it than what merely is set before your sight. Look for the GOD in everything.